Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

We had Liam and Marisa over for a Valentine photo shoot! It is getting harder and harder to take pictures of these boys! They just want to play and chew on things and do everything but get their picture taken, imagine that!

This is the best I could get of my monster son.

We decided he looks like he's trying to be a fancy model in this one haha

 Of course he wants to eat the balloon...

One picture of them actually playing kind of nice together, even though Carson is hogging all the hearts...I'm sure right after this one of them pushed or bit the other one haha

We had a lot better luck with Liam, he got a lot of good pictures, here is one of my favorites of him, looking outside waiting for his Valentine!

There was one other good one of Carson, I'm sending out late Valentines so keep an eye on your mailbox!!