Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Patch and Carving Pumpkins!

Carson liked the pumpkin patch, but he kept running towards the road. Next year we are going to a big farm with all kinds of activities and a corn maze. We didn't have time this year. I feel bored when I type this hahahaha I don't have anything interesting to say, its a pumpkin patch, self explanatory...
Oh, Shane was talking to one of the owners and they said someone stole one of these huge old wagons they have!!! hahaha who does that! idiots.

 Sean had to wear adventure boots, I told him it wasn't a real farm and he didn't need them!

 Shane made me take a picture of this pumpkin for Kerry hahahaha

This pumpkin sucked, it had like 3 guts to get and 4.5 million seeds. Carson wasn't that into it.


Going out for our anniversary

 Carson picked this alligator out at a gift shop at the beach. Alligator says ROOOAAR!!

 Saw Shane's dad and grandpa Burbank at the fair.  Carson had never met his great grandpa.

 Gotta have a corn dog at the fair!!

 Shane and his donkey friend

 Carson loved feeding the goats!

 Dipping his french fries in ketchup! He loves dipping things!

Reading corner

 Transportation museum to see Thomas the Tank Engine!