Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 2012

We went to the Winston-Salem Christmas Parade for the first time this year. It was soooo long. After 2 hours we left because Carson was mad and it was cold. It was still going. There were about 10 High School marching bands in it! That gives you an idea of the size. I guess it would be like if Tacoma had a parade so all the high schools in the area were in it. It did give me an idea of what High Schools are on the list that Carson can attend. I figure if their band is good they are probably a pretty good school. And the drumlines at some schools were so cool it was like on TV where they dance and play the instruments and play cool songs. Carson loved when the drums passed by and would clap and dance to the music.

Waiting for the parade to start.... there wasn't a motorcycle gang to start it off but there was a ton of police motorcycles and cars so Carson like that.

Watching the cops coming up the road:
Silly boy:

We were into having a simple Christmas tree this year--and Carson likes to pull off all the ornaments so I didn't put much on.

Pretend crying, I don't know where he learned this haha

 Already trying to steal my credit cards

 I was looking for sippy cups for Carson in Marshalls and when I looked back at him he had filled cart with every little girls nail polish  and makeup pack on the shelf hahahahaha I don't know if he had a lot of girlfriends he needed to get presents for or what, but he was so mad and threw a huge fit when I put them back that I put back the Thomas the Train bubble bath I got him and said "no way buddy, no Thomas now" and this lady in the aisle next to me laughed and said her 20 year old still acts like that hahaha
 At the Pilot Mountain Christmas Lights--this old couple creates a huge light display on their property and you walk through it. They hand out hot chocolate and don't charge anything. They just ask for donations of old Christmas lights if you have any.

 Taylor and Carson
 Shane being a creep
 Me and Shane
 Shane and his mom

Sleeping boy

 Eating Chik-fi-la at the mall with Maw Maw

 and the finale.......HATES SANTA!

November 2012

We did some Christmas photo shoots in November:

I'll start you off with this lovely picture:


 Playing outside at Shane's parents house.

 Helping with laundry. He loves helping with everything.

 Into wearing a hat that day, usually he hates hats.

He always makes this face to make people laugh.


 Me and Marisa after the Color Run.

 At Disney on Ice--we're more excited than Carson haha