Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas is here!

You are about to have a picture overload! Beware! 

At Nana and Pappy's house on Christmas Eve:

Carson with all his presents!

With Great Auntie Crystal

Loves Mari-Holland's new boots!

With Cousin Caelen

Shane decided he needed a quick photo shoot...

With Auntie Jessica

 Helping Pappy open presents!

 With Cousin Mari-Holland

Shane and his Mama

 This isn't even half the people that were was a mess!

With Auntie Taylor!

Next up, Christmas Day!!

Carson woke up pretty early and mama wanted to sleep so daddy took him out to see what Santa left him...

Then I finally woke up and it was present opening time!!

Christmas Naps!

I have a bunch of videos to post as soon as they upload!!

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