Friday, April 27, 2012

1st Birthday!!!

I can't believe Carson is already 1! He's a real little boy now!!

Carson's birthday weekend was pretty rough...on Saturday we had Liam's party then I had a fundraiser dinner I was helping with for Behind the Blue Line, a group for wives of police officers. I had so much to do and not enough time! We were both exhausted by the end of the day and I still had to decorate and get food ready, etc. Sunday morning I got up early to prepare, Shane worked the night before so he got home and helped me clean a little then went to take a nap before the party. Carson was in BAD mood. He was clingy and crying all morning, I couldn't get anything done!! I was overtired and about 3 seconds from running out the door screaming and crying. I gave Carson a bath and put him down for a nap because he was a bad news bear. I thought he was asleep so I took a shower, got ready, starting cutting veggies and I hear crying...I go in Carson's room and he had taken his diaper off and there was poop EVERYWHERE!!! I couldn't believe it, of all days! He has never done this before! Poop on his mobiles, poop on his legs, arms, poop all over his sheets, crib, bottle...I just started bawling, I couldn't handle it anymore hahaha. I started the bath again for him and put him in and just sat on the toilet crying. Carson just stared at me. Rocky came in and started eating cat poop out of the litter box, I screamed at Rocky and slammed the door, pictures fell down...then I smiled at Carson and starting laughing because what else am I going to do?? This whole situation seemed out of a movie. And then Carson smiled and started laughing. The whole time all this is going on guess who is asleep??? That's right, Shane slept through all this ruckus and I wanted to go in there and punch him. But I got Carson ready and gave him some crackers and finished getting the party ready. Finally Shane woke up and had no idea any of this had happened. Lucky him. But, after all that and after months of planning and everything changing and long hours painting and making monsters, cookies, cake, everything came together and there were about 30 people in our apartment to celebrate Carson!

Pre-party nap

 Cupcakes Shane's aunt Crystal made:


Wore out from a weekend of partying!

Some videos

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