Sunday, July 8, 2012

Children's Museum

We took Carson to the Children's museum in Greensboro. It's aimed at a little bit older kids but he had fun running around and it'll be really fun when he gets older. It's a whole mini town with a grocery store they can shop at, a pizza parlor they can work at, a doctor's office with a nursery and babies in incubators, dentist office, post office and mail truck (I couldn't find Shane and I looked over and he was in the post office weighing packages and running them down the conveyor belt! His mom said he loved the post office the best when they would go there when he was little haha), construction site, library, media center where they can do the news and a little house and garden. There is also a real fire truck they can go in and a police car, a camp site with tents and picnic tables, and a small train station they can ride the train and play with a train set. He loved the train set the best and kept running back to it when we tried to see other stuff. We're thinking about getting him a train set for Christmas--one of the wooden ones that we can keep adding things to and a table to put it on. He would have played with it the whole time we were there if we let him!

First stop, the train. He didn't even want to sit on the real train you can play on. He kept taking the little trains to the big trains tracks though!

He wouldn't slide down the slide by himself so Shane had to go too haha

Found the firetruck of course!

This was supposed to be like you're a bug in the grass---whoever made this did a crappy job but son liked it haha

Collecting eggs from the chickens

Sitting on the front porch of the little house...his chubby thighs kept popping the buttons on his overalls hahaha

Tawana said Shane used to sit in this same chair when he was little.

Rocking his baby in the nursery

Ran back over to the train, but the big boys were hogging everything

Driving the firetruck!!

Being the receptionist at the doctor's office--I think he liked this the best. He always wants to type on the computer. Looks like someone is getting a check up in the background haha!

Trying to eat a crayon...

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