Friday, August 31, 2012


We finally went to the beach, only for 2 nights but we had fun. It was cloudy the first half of the day but still hot and the water was so warm, especially in the evening.  Carson LOVED it so much. We got to the beach at around 7 p.m. the first night and we took Carson right down there and it was so neat seeing him squish his toes in the sand and wonder what it was. Then we took him down to the water and the waves would get him and he would scream and laugh! He would have stayed there all night! The next day we walked around town waiting for the sun to come out then went down to the beach and Carson played in the sand with his bucket and ran down to the water with Shane, back and forth, he was so full of sand! After a few hours we took a break and had dinner then came back and played in the sand until the sun went down. The next day we had to leave so we got up early and went to the aquarium then went home. I can't wait until next year when we can stay a whole week!

Shane really playing in the water with this guy hahahahaha

Ok, see that girl in the red jacket in the background? Well at first I thought she was a boy but she's a she. Anyway, 2 funny things happened. First, her grandma came over to her and made her get up and take a pic in front of the ocean...with her black dragging jeans all over the sand and water and her red was like 90 degrees. So that should be funny in 20 years....THEN! She came over to talk to me and I was like oh crap...she had huge braces with tons of food in them and she was asking about Carson then she asked if Shane was my brother (Shane was playing in the ocean at this point), I said no he's my husband. She said woah, he looks young how old is he? I said 27. She said I would have guessed 20, the years have been good to him. hahahahhaha then she said you are one lucky girl! hahahahaha I wanted to laugh so bad. She kept really checking Shane out and then luckily her grandma came and told her it was time to eat. The rest of the time there when she saw Shane, she'd yell out hi Shane! She was staying in the same motel as us. So Shane got himself a girlfriend hahahahaha

View from our crunchy motel!

This was my boyfriend for the weekend. Look at how cool he is double beers!!! We talked to him on the beach he was really nice. He has 3 daughters and was saying how fast they already have grown up, he can't believe his "baby" was already 6.

Sean acting really cool as usual.

Alligators at the aquarium!

After we walked through the aquarium we played on the toys to get Carson nice and tired out so he'd sleep on the way home.

Then we had hotdogs for lunch and hit the road!

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