Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mountains and Halloween

We went up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the fall leaves:

 We paid $12 to get in the gate to see Blowing Rock(below). On the website they make it seem like its this massive rock cliff jutting out. It's small. You can sit on. We kept looking around thinking well where is the rock????

 See how small hahahahhaha:

 Carson was not happy about putting his costume on, he screamed and cried like I was wrapping him up in a straight jacket. But I spent a a month and who knows how many hours sewing and gluing sequins on that sucker and he was wearing it no matter what. Once I gave him the flashlight he was okay.

Old Salem shuts down its street and all the old houses hand out candy. It's like a movie with tons of kids in costumes running around getting candy, how you always imagine Halloween to really be. It was a lot of fun and Carson was loving all the attention he got.

 Thought he was tricky, I went to run him a bath and I caught him running off with my pop!
 Likes to use 2 forks...

 Nakey time!

 Feeding daddy grapes or something.
 This is his favorite thing to do, line all his cars up like a traffic jam haha
 Acting cool already...he'd probably post this on his facebook to get ladies if he could hahaha
 Movie and popcorn Friday night with mama!
 Shane decided he had to have this authentic Korean War uniform for Halloween....
 We went to a huge Halloween party at a castle, there was 5000 people there. Tons of weirdos in costumes roaming the whole grounds, they had tons of different rooms with different music and things going on. It was like a movie. We had a lot of fun people watching.

Me, Shane's sister Jessica and friend Kerry.

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