Thursday, October 13, 2011

old salem, graveyards, and dark in the park. day of fun!

Today was filled with fun and adventure! We went to Old Salem, to an old Moravian graveyard in the woods by our apartment, then to another graveyard where the Lawson's are buried (their story is here if you are interested), and finally to Dark in the Park at Bethabara Park.

First Old Salem:

Next up...Moravian graveyard. There were stones in it from the 1800s. Supposedly around Halloween, satanists go down there at night. We visited during the day, to avoid the satanists, and there was just an old man with his dog named Jingle Bell down there haha.

At the graveyard with the Lawson graves.

The whole family was buried here.

Someone put a penny on every name, necklaces on the girls, and no money only a beer on the dad's grave haha

Shane wanted his graveyard photo shoot:

Not pictured are the huge spider and it's web of evil that was on Kerry's boot and leg when we were getting ready to leave! 

Here is an exact drawing of the culprit:

Finally, after a day of excitement, we arrived at Dark in the Park at the park behind our apartments. It's the same park they put on the community concerts in the summer and the concert band was there in their costumes playing the same ol' songs they usually play and not very well. We were all excited to have hot dogs and cokes when we got there but just our luck the hot dog guy was NOT there! This put a damper on the evening, but we still had people watching to look forward too. Mostly it was just a bunch of annoying kids running around acting like fools in their costumes. 

The day ended with chili, baked potatoes, and cokes at Wendys!

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