Monday, September 19, 2011

4 month update.

Foods Baby C tried: Rice Cereal, bananas, pickle, green beans, and sweet potato. LOVES bananas and sweet potatoes.

New things Baby C does: Started sucking thumb, his left one, does that mean he's going to be left handed? Started playing with his feet, laughs at everything, picking toys up, more curious about everything around him.

Accomplishments: Rolled for the first time on 8/29/11, sitting supported really well and can sit unsupported for a few seconds.

Places Baby C went: Stayed the night with Maw Maw twice, went to the Stokes' County Fair, to the park to listen to the community band, Old Salem, and today we are going to meet a baby his same age!

New people he met: Victor and Amy, Marisa and Liam.

Baby Babbles: squealing, does this humming sound randomly, and more often in the car with me when the music is on, maybe he'll be a singer!

My favorite things he does right now: laughing at Daddy when he does his Arnold impression, playing with his piggies, and when he's tired he snuggles his head into my neck.

AND I finally took Baby C's 4 month pictures, even though he will be 5 months in a couple days, oops!

This is the face he does when he hums haha

He looks sorta creepy in this one, must take after Mr. hahahaha

He can't just sit still anymore and take the picture with Mickey, he has to put everything in his mouth!

Mama and Daddy, if you didn't know, you can click the pictures and they blow up huge so you can save and when you print they will be high quality.

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