Sunday, September 18, 2011

historic outing.

Today, me and Baby C went to Old Salem and walked around and took pictures. Old Salem is a little part of town that was founded in 1766. It has cobblestone streets, old buildings you can go in with costumed actors, little shops, and activities. Baby C was really happy about being outside for a long walk. 

I took this picture for Uncle K. I pretended I was taking a picture of the building but really took a picture of this lady in the lovely green sparkly jump suit.

Here are some of the buildings:

And here is my son! Right when I set him on the ground he grabbed a huge handfull of dirt and grass and got it all over him.

Of course he had to check out his piggies...his hair is getting so blonde now!

Checking out the grass and dirt:

Drooling everywhere:

I tried to take pictures of us together these are the only ones that turned out decent:

More houses and buildings, people really live in these old houses.

Here is where me and K would be...the Tavern!

All done! Going back to the car.

Tired out from all the fun! He fell asleep as soon as I started driving.

If you'd like to know more about Old Salem you can go HERE haha!  

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