Tuesday, September 13, 2011

spider island.

So Mr and I went camping on a little island with his squad and left Baby C with Maw Maw. They all were going on a 30 mile bike ride when we got there so we were in charge of moving all of the gear to the island across a river on a canoe. At first we were really excited, it was going to be a fun adventure! When we got there, everyone started freaking us out about the canoe tipping over, what to do if we fell in the river so we wouldn't get sucked under and drown, blah blah then I was like, oh great, I'm most likely going to die today.

Here is the river we had to cross:

So we did a test run with nothing in the canoe and it was not hard at all and you could walk across the whole river so I definitely was not going to drown! We had to put the gear in the middle and go back and forth. It took about 6 or 7 trips. 

Here are two dragonflies mating on my seat haha

Everyone thought we were really cool when we got back and had moved everything. But, once we got to the island and started setting up I saw that there were about 4 trillion daddy long legs. They were everywhere I looked, I thought this is like a nightmare where you wake up and are like phew, it was just a dream, but this was real, I had to sleep here! So I drank some beers and I didn't really care anymore haha!

Here is our campsite:

Here is Mr acting cool packing things in his bag:

AND acting cool by the tent:

This is what happens when you walk across the river, river monster feet!!!

We had a really good time, even with the bajillion spiders. It was nice to get away for a night just us and Baby C had a good time at Maw Maw's. 

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