Friday, September 16, 2011

socks, sweet potatoes, flowers, and a new toy.

Today was pretty eventful. Me and Baby C went shopping and I was just walking around looking at things, I look down and what do I see:

Baby C decided to eat his socks. Usually he doesn't wear socks but it was cold today. I think he was confused about what was on his piggies!!

He continued to eat his socks throughout the night:

Next. Winnie has plenty of food. I had just set out wet cat food about an hour earlier but she chooses to eat flowers instead:

Oh, and here is Baby C and daddy playing before dinner:

We all ate at the table together for the first time tonight. Baby C was so into it he kept laughing and smiling, he was so excited to sit with us. He had sweet potatoes, which he LOVES, and we had turkey and mashed potatoes.

He thinks he really big boy with his sippy cup!

And last...Mr got Rocky a toy for his birthday last week but kept forgetting it in his car. He finally brought it home tonight and Rocky was very happy!

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